Olga Ts (lelyoka) wrote,
Olga Ts


.. важно принимать болезненные решения. Как  в медецине, вследствие необратимого повреждения ткани ампутация неизбежна для предотвращения более серьезных последствий. 
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что ты там амплутировать собралась? :)
образно выражаясь, надеюсь, что нечто злокачественное ))
silver and cold
as if it wasn't me
but someone knew the melody
which sounded like the remedy
oh, will it ever be
the way you told?

come and crash
that wall i cannot climb
it scares me every time, i know
it's me who lets the pressure grow
please, give another try
to throw away the trash

ask who's the last
among these people in a line
they're waiting when the doctor comes
to cure them from being numb
but doctor slowly takes his time
you think you must